Oddělení umělé inteligence

Computers have taken over tasks that, until recently, have been thought to be accessible to human intelligence, only. They are able to beat the best human chess players, solve mathematical problems outside of reach for humans, and automatically find computer pograms that solve problems described in natural language. However, this still requires a lot of human effort to adapt such techniques to new problem areas, is often error-prone, restricted to small problem instances, and may produce results that are difficult or even dangerous for humans to work with. Is it possible to improve the capabilities of computers to extend and, in certain situations, even replace human intelligence? When is this possible, and how to achieve this? We are working on clarifying the mathematical, algorithmic, and philosophic principles underlying these questions.

Členové oddělení

Vedoucí oddělení: doc.Dipl.Ing. Stefan Ratschan, Dr.-tech.

Sekretářka: Ing. Iveta Kubíková

Bývalí členové: Jan Vlček

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