RNDr. Zdeněk Fabián, CSc.

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Oddělení: Oddělení statistického modelování
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Professionals positions

2006-2019 Theory and applications of the scalar score function in various parts of statistics: point estimation, score correlation and regression, suppression of artifacts in EEG and study of heavy-tailed distributions
2004-2006Grant GA AV ČR 1075403, with ing. Igor Vajda, DrSc. Scalar score function
2001-2003 Grant GA AV ČR 1075101, with ing. Igor Vajda, DrSc
1997-2000 Robust estimation, information-theoretical distances and testing of hypothesis, grant of GA AV ČR 1075709
1991-96 Robust estimation. Result: explanation of so called gnostic theory from the statistical point of view
1979-90Developing software system KAS for signal processing and robust spectral analysis in Inst. of Computer Sciences AV ČR
Processing of physiological time series (with Inst. of Physiological regulations AV ČR)
1970-78Research Department of Geofyzika n.p. Brno: Digital processing of seismic data interpretation of seismic measurement
1968-69Head of the seismic field group
1966-67Research worker of the seismic field group at the Geofyzika n.p. Brno


1964M.S. Mathematical and Physical Faculty of Charles University, Dep. of Theoretical Geophysics
1978Ph.D. Charles University in Prague. Theses: Scattering of seismic waves from randomly uneven surfaces