Department of Computional Mathematics


Consider the following questions:

Computing the trajectory of an asteriod and checking whether it will hit the earth. Producing a 3-dimensional representation of a human body based on computed tomography. Optimizing the aerodynamics of an airplane.

For all of these problems computational math plays an indispensible role in solving them. Here, the application problem is first translated into a mathematical problem which is then solved using computational mathematics.


We do basic research in computational mathematics, studying the design and analysis of algorithms for solving mathematical problems.

Our research is application independent. Yet, applications serve as a source for inspiration and as a reality check for our methods. We actively seek such applications. If your are interested in cooperation, please contact us.

Main Topics of Research

  • Numerical linear algebra
  • Numerical optimization
  • Verification


The department runs a regular seminar, Seminar of Computational Methods, that has been founded in 1992. On the seminar webpage one can find all the history of over 430 talks. For more information, please visit

Organization of Conferences and Workshops

Further Activities

Nečas Center for Mathematical Modeling

Department Members

    Head: Stefan Ratschan

    Secretarial support: Iveta Kubíková