About us

Our Mission

The purpose for which the Institute of Computer Science (ICS) was established (see the Institute Foundation Deed) is to carry out scientific research in the field of computer science, contribute to the utilisation of its research findings and to provide research infrastructure.

Principal activity of the ICS is best described as basic research in the field of computer science (informatics), mainly devoted to

  • mathematical foundations of computer science,
  • computational methods,
  • artificial intelligence,
  • computer models and architectures,
  • computational and knowledge systems, and
  • applications of computer science in related interdisciplinary areas

The Institute aims at acquiring, processing and disseminating the information through scientific publications (monographs, journals, proceedings, etc.). Within the scope of its activity, the ICS promotes international cooperation, including the organisation of joint research collaboration with international partners, participation in exchange programmes for scientists, as well as preparation of joint publications. The ICS is also involved in organising scientific meetings, conferences and seminars on both national and international level. It pursues its aims both independently and in cooperation with universities and other research and professional institutions.

The ICS contributes to promoting knowledge through its involvement in Ph.D. studies and utilising the results of its research findings in practice. In cooperation with universities the ICS carries out doctoral study programmes and provides training for young scientists.

The ICS' researchers are involved in scientific reviews, share their professional opinions and recommendations and provide consulting and advisory services.

Our Vision

To be an internationally renowned centre in creating, applying and sharing knowledge in the theory and application of computing for the benefits of science and society.

Computer science is a rapidly developing discipline driving the information technology revolution. It permeates all modern endeavours in sciences, academia, government and industry, and its role will continue to grow. There are three key factors enabling this unprecedented growth.

  • the rapid advance of computing power enabling the processing of exorbitant amounts of data
  • the increasingly more visible success of artificial intelligence,
  • the potential of computer science to apply computing in all areas of human activities, making them more efficient, more reliable, and more intelligent, resulting into a huge demand from the society for such applications.

The ICS aspires at becoming a renowned international player in basic and applied research in computer science. In order to achieve, keep and strengthen this position, the ICS builds on its historical legacy that has formed its research activities since nineteen seventies. Starting as a central computing facility of the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences, it has gradually evolved into a full-fledged research institute covering selected areas of computer science.

Our Key Values

  • Quality, depth, and impact of its research
  • Long-term tradition in excellent research in mathematical and logical foundations of computer science and applications of computer science in related interdisciplinary areas
  • Multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary research
  • Cooperation with universities and other academic institutions in research and education

History of the Institute

In the nineteen-eighties the main activity of the Institute concerned the research of technical and programming methods for computation and information systems. The Institute also provided computing services and methodological support for other institutes of the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences.

During the nineteen-nineties the Institute was gradually transformed into a standard scientific institute pursuing mainly the basic research in Computer Science.

1975The Institute was established on July 1, 1975 as a General Computing Center (GCC) of the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences (CAS).
1980On November 1, 1980 it was transformed into a scientific institute of the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences.
1993Since January 1, 1993 it is called the Institute of Computer Science (ICS) of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic (AS CR).
2007On January 1, 2007 the Institute became a public research organization.
Our name

Institute's name in Czech Ústav informatiky is commonly translated as either the Institute of Computer Science or Institute of Informatics, the former reflecting a traditional US rendering and the latter emphasising a European understanding of the underlying scientific discipline.

The English word Informatics originates from both German and French and the notion combines the science of information (or, information sciences) with information processing into one general framework.