Department of Technologies and Knowledge Transfer


The purpose of establishing a department for transfer of knowledge and technology is to facilitate the practical use of research outcomes produced in ICS. This support includes, in particular, activities aimed at the identification and protection of intellectual property and the development of cooperation with businesses and governments (both state and local) through the transfer of knowledge or economic activity.

Brief description of the department

Department members carry out activities falling in following areas:

  • Identification of existing knowledge with application potential and cooperation in their transformation into outcomes that enable the exercise of intellectual property rights.
  • Development and management of internal processes for continuous identification of emerging knowledge with application potential.
  • Exploitation of existing opportunities and finding new opportunities for collaboration with the businesses and governments.
  • Setting up and supervising individual collaborations with the businesses and governments.

Our activities

Specific tasks carried out within the department, but not limited to:

  • Intellectual property,
  • Co-ownership of research, development and innovation results,
  • Research contract or contracting research services,
  • License agreements,
  • Confidentiality agreements,
  • Contracts for the establishment of legal entities linked to the transfer of knowledge

See also: Laboratory of Applied Informatics

Department Members

Head: Pavel Juruš