The Best Institute Publications in 2019

Competition - Awarded Publications

Evaluation Committee Members

  • prof. RNDr. Jaromír Antoch, CSc.
  • prof. Mgr. Michal Koucký, Ph.D.
  • prof. Ing. Zuzana Masáková, Ph.D.
  • doc. RNDr. Iveta Mrázová, CSc.
  • prof. Ing. Mirko Navara, DrSc.
  • doc. RNDr. Petr Pišoft, Ph.D.
  • prof. Ing. Pavel Tvrdík, CSc.
  • prof. RNDr. Peter Vojtáš, DrSc.
  • Allen, P., Böttcher, J., Hladký, Jan, Diana Piguet. Packing degenerate graphs.
  • Věra Kůrková, Sanguineti, M. Classification by Sparse Neural Networks.
  • Jiří Šíma. Subrecursive Neural Networks.

Jan Geletič has been awarded by the director in the Young scientist category for his participation in the papers

  • Inter-/intra-zonal seasonal variability of the surface urban heat island based on local climate zones in three central European cities.
  • Spatial modelling of summer climate indices based on local climate zones: expected changes in the future climate of Brno, Czech Republic

Zdeněk Fabián has been awarded by the director for his consistent publishing work in the field of mathematical statistics.

Evaluated Publications