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  • RNDr. Petra Vidnerová, Ph.D.:

    Model M - an agent-based epidemiological model

    06.12.2022 14:00Room 318 (zoom) @ Institute of Computer Science
    Pod Vodárenskou věží 2
    Praha, 182 00
    Hora Informaticae

    During the recent pandemic, the interest in epidemiological modeling rapidly increased. Epidemiological models improve our understanding of the dynamics of disease spread and help us during the design of various protective measures. The important family of models is formed by agent-based models. They provide simulation tools for detailed modeling of individual human behavior. We will present our network agent model called model M. It works with a population of individuals (agents) and their contacts are modeled as a multi-graph social network according to real data based on a Czech county. Custom algorithmic procedures simulating testing, quarantine and partial closures of various contact types are implemented. The model can serve as a tool for relative comparison of the efficacy of various policies. It was also used for a study comparing various interventions in Czech primary and secondary schools, using a graph based on real data from a selected Czech school.

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