Conference Announcement

  • Human Compatible

    Workshop o důvěryhodné AI

    February 20th, 2020, Prague

  • Bohemia - the cradle of the robot

    Karel Čapek and 100 years of the word "robot"

    May 25th - 26st, 2020, Prague

    The Karel Čapek Center for Values in Science and Technology; The Institutes of Computer Science, Philosophy, and State and Law of the Czech Academy of Sciences; The Faculty of Natural Science of Charles University; and cordially invite all interested parties to a conference celebrating the 100th anniversary of the introduction of the word „robot“ in the play R. U. R. by Karel Čapek.

  • Xphi Europe 2020 Prague

    1st European Experimental Philosophy Conference – Moral Intuitions About Future Technologies

    June 19th - 21st 2020, Prague

    Experimental philosophy groups active all around Europe have agreed to join forces and establish the model of one big annual European experimental philosophy event. Founding institutions of the Karel Čapek Center for Values in Science and Technology, Faculty of Science of Charles University, the Institute of Philosophy, the Institute of State and Law and the Institute of Computer Science of the Czech Academy of Sciences are proud to host the 1st Xphi Europe in June 2020 in Prague.

  • Conference ITAT

    (Information technologies - Applications and Theory)

    September 18th-22nd, 2020, Oravská Lesná, Slovensko

    ITAT (Information technologies -- Applications and Theory) is annual European conference which is a platform for workshops focused mostly on the results of young researcher's, PhD students and other scientists from the area of computer science as well as informal meetings in mountain resorts of Slovakia.