Topology, Algebra, and Categories
in Logic
Prague, June 26–30


Organized by

Institute of Computer Science, Czech Academy of Sciences
Faculty of Arts, Charles University


Background and scope. Studying logics via semantics is a well-established and very active branch of mathematical logic, with many applications, in computer science and elsewhere. The area is characterized by results, tool and techniques stemming from various fields, including universal algebra, topology, category theory, order, and model theory. The programme of the conference TACL 2017 will focus on three interconnecting mathematical themes central to the semantical study of logics and their applications: algebraic, categorical, and topological methods. This is the eight conference in the series Topology, Algebra and Categories in Logic (TACL, formerly TANCL). Earlier installments of this conference have been organized in Tbilisi (2003), Barcelona (2005), Oxford (2007), Amsterdam (2009), Marseille (2011), Nashville (2013) and Ischia (2015).

Topics. Contributed talks can deal with any topic dealing with the use of algebraic, categorical or topological methods in either logic or computer science. This includes, but is not limited to, the following areas:

Algebraic structures in CS Lattices with operators Proofs and types
Algebraic logic Modal logics Residuated structures
Coalgebra Non-classical logics Semantics
Categorical methods in logic Ordered topological spaces Stone-type dualities
Domain theory Ordered algebraic structures Substructural logics
Fuzzy and many-valued logics Pointfree topology Topological semantics of modal logic
Lattice theory

Programme Committee

John Harding, New Mexico State University (chair)
Rosalie Iemhoff, Utrecht University (chair)
Nick Bezhanishvili, University of Amsterdam
Agata Ciabattoni, Vienna University of Technology
Nick Galatos, University of Denver
Robert Goldblatt, Victoria University of Wellington
Wes Holliday, University of California, Berkeley
Rostislav Horčík, Czech Academy of Sciences
Keith Kearnes, University of Colorado
Alex Kurz, University of Leicester
George Metcalfe, University of Bern
Larry Moss, Indiana University Bloomington
Daniele Mundici, University of Florence
Jan Paseka, Masaryk University
Jorge Picado, University of Coimbra
Anna Romanowska, Warsaw University of Technology
Phil Scott, University of Ottawa
Ilya Shapirovsky, Russian Academy of Sciences
Alex Simpson, University of Ljubljana
Benno van den Berg, University of Amsterdam
Jan van Mill, University of Amsterdam
Jiří Velebil, Czech Technical University in Prague

Steering Committee

Guram Bezhanishvili, New Mexico State University
Mai Gehrke, University of Paris Diderot
Rob Goldblatt, Victoria University Wellington
Ramón Jansana, University of Barcelona
Achim Jung, University of Birmingham
Hiroakira Ono, Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
Yde Venema, University of Amsterdam
Michael Zakharyaschev, University of London

Organizing Committee

Marta Bílková (chair)
Petr Cintula (chair)
Zuzana Haniková
Rostislav Horčík
Tomáš Kroupa
Tomáš Lávička
Ondrej Majer
Tommaso Moraschini
Carles Noguera
Adam Přenosil
Igor Sedlár
Amanda Vidal

Invited Speakers

Submission & Registration Information


The submission of an extended abstract of 2 pages is required to be selected for presentation at the conference.
The abstract should be written following the EasyChair style and sent through this EasyChair submission page.

There will be two special sessions, dedicated to Bjarni Jónsson and Petr Hájek, with works selected by the PC. If you want to be considered for any of the special sessions, please include a note in the abstract when doing the submission.

Deadline for submissions: 28/02/2017
NEW! Extended deadline: 10/03/2017
Notification of acceptance: 20/04/2017

Conference dates:

Arrival: 25/06/2017

Talks: 26/06 - 30/06

Departure: 01/07/2017


Early registration for the conference will be open until 20/05/2017. Early payment shall be done by bank transfer. Payment on the spot will be possible, applying the late registration fee.

You can register here


including conference material & welcome party

Student registration: 1.400 CZK Registration + lunches: 1.600 CZK
Early regular registration: 3.000 CZK Registration + lunches + accommodation : 4.000 CZK
Late regular registration: 4.000 CZK
Banquet: 1.000 CZK

Student support

TACL school and TACL conference are sponsored by the Association for Symbolic Logic. This means that students can apply to the ASL for travel awards. Please refer to this page for information on how to do it. Applications must reach the ASL office before the 26th of March.

Full and partial support concerning TACL school registration, lunches and accommodation will be offered for selected students during the early registration period. You can apply for it during the registration process, and after a selection process based on merits and motivations, shortly after the early registration deadline you will be notified the kind of support you were assigned and the payment information to conclude the registration.


TACL2017 will be held at the historical building of the Faculty of Arts of the Charles University, in Prague. See a map of the venue and the surroundings here. It is located near the city centre, next to main metro and train stations, hotels and restaurants.

More information will be added soon.

Conference Programme

to be announced...

Summer School

The summer school associated to the TACL2017 conference will be held in the Faculty of Science of the Palacký University of Olomouc (two hour train trip from Prague).


Arrival: 19/06/2017

School: 20/06 - 24/06, lunchtime

Departure: 24/06/2017

Lecturers of the school:

Organized by

Faculty of Science, Palacký University Olomouc

Organizing Committee

Radomír Halaš (chair)
Martin Broušek
Jan Kuhr

Contact Us

for any questions regarding TACL2017 conference, please write an email to


for any questions regarding the summer school, please write an email to