Petra Vidnerová, née Kudová

Department of Machine Learning

Institute of Computer Science, The Czech Academy of Sciences
Pod Vodárenskou věží 2, 182 07 Praha 8, Czech Republic

phone: (+420) 266 053 630

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Research interests:

Machine learning, supervised learning, kernel methods, regularization networks. Deep learning.
Hyper-parameter setup, metalearning. Neural architecture search.
Genetic algorithms, evolutionary and hybrid approaches.

Combining RBF networks and Deep Networks. (RBF Layer for Keras)

Epidemic modelling.


TN01000024 National Competence Center - Cybernetics and Artificial Intelligence Technology Agency of the Czech Republic 2019-2022 (team member)
22-02067S AppNeCo: Approximate neurocomputing Czech Grant Agency 2022 - 2024 (team member)


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