Patricia Martinkova

I am senior researcher, the head of the Department of Statistical Modelling, Institute of Computer Science of the Czech Academy of Sciences, and the leader the Computational Psychometrics Group. I am also an Associate Professor at Faculty of Education Charles University, where I initiated the Center for Educational Measurement and Psychometrics with 2018–2020 PRIMUS project. I am Fulbright alumna and 2013-2015 visiting research scholar with the University of Washington, and an affiliate at UW Center for Statistics and the Social Sciences and at UW Department of Statistics.

My research focuses on developing models and estimators to improve the quality of ratings and measurement in various fields, including education, psychology, and health. I use simulation studies to demonstrate better properties and advantages of newly developed methods and estimators over those traditionally used in daily praxis.

I am big fan of reproducible research and freely available software. Part of my research is exploited in interactive online application ShinyItemAnalysis, which is now being used in many research fields all around the world.

My teaching interests cover various topics of applied statistics and psychometrics. I teach course NMST570 Statistical methods in psychometrics and NMST571 Seminar in Psychometrics. I am interested in incorporating active learning techniques into teaching.

Recent news


Job openings in Computational Psychometrics group and Department of Statistical Modelling.


IMPS 2024 will be held in July in Prague! Looking forward to seeing you there!


Book "Computational Aspects of Psychometric Methods. With R" is now published with Chapman and Hall/CRC. Copies may be ordered online.


New project "Research of Excellence on Digital Technologies and Wellbeing" co-funded by EU for period 2024 - 2028. Our team will focus on developing, optimizing and applying techniques for statistical modelling of the complex data on wellbeing.

Apr 24 2024

New R package SIAtools: 'ShinyItemAnalysis' Modules Development Toolkit now on CRAN.

Apr 24 2024

ShinyItemAnalysis version 1.5.1 was released! The SIA add-on modules are better discoverable! See the full changelog.
SIAmodules version 0.1.1 now on CRAN! See the changelog.

Apr 15 2024

Manuscript "Assessing quality of selection procedures: Lower bound of false positive rate as a function of inter-rater reliability" has been published in British Journal of Mathematical and Statistical Psychology.

Nov 22 2023

Manuscript "Is video games' effect on attitudes universal? Results from an empirical study comparing video games' impact on the attitude change of players with different backgrounds" published in Journal of Computer Assisted Learning.

Sep 27 2023

Manuscript "Item Difficulty Prediction Using Item Text Features: Comparison of Predictive Performance across Machine-Learning Algorithms" has been published in Mathematics.

Aug 21 2023

Review of "Supervised Machine Learning for Text Analysis in R" has been published in Journal of the American Statistical Society.

May 23 2023

Manuscript "Combining Item Purification and Multiple Comparison Adjustment Methods in Detection of Differential Item Functioning" has been published in Multivariate Behavioral Research.

May 8 2023

ShinyItemAnalysis version 1.5.0 was released!
The app is now extendable via add-on modules! See the full changelog here.

Mar 23 2023

A collection of ShinyItemAnalysis modules were releases in a R package SIAmodules. They are no longer hosted at a standalone webpage, but dynamicaly recognized and added in ShinyItemAnalysis.

Feb 9 2023

Manuscript "Assessing inter-rater reliability with heterogeneous variance components models: Flexible approach accounting for contextual variables" has been published in Journal of Educational and Behavioral Statistics.

Nov 1 2022

COMIRESTROKE study protocol article has been printed in Frontiers in Neurology.

Jul 19 2022

New preprint on applicant selection has been added to arXiv.

Jul 13 2022

I will give a spotlight talk on Computational aspects of reliability estimation at the IMPS conference in Bologna.

Sep 17 2021

I presented at Metascience 2021 conference. See the slides of my talk on range-retstricted IRR in grant proposal peer review. Here is the accompanying ShinyItemAnalysis module.

Aug 4 2021

New article Can video games change attitudes towards history? Results from a laboratory experiment measuring short- and long-term effects published in J Comput Assist Learn.

July 20 2021

I will be presenting at IMPS 2021. Talks on reliability and on DIF detection are available for registered participants.

July 8 2021

I will be presenting at useR!2021 on Teaching computational aspects of psychometrics with R and Shiny. See the slides.

Apr 20 2021

Article When zero may not be zero: A cautionary note on the use of inter-rater reliability in evaluating grant peer review published in the Journal of the Royal Statistical Society Series A.

Oct 7 2020

An article on the difNLR package was published in The R Journal.

Dec 3, 2019

Article Is academic tracking related to gains in learning competence? Using propensity score matching and differential item change functioning analysis for better understanding of tracking implications is available in Learning and Instruction.

Jul 24 2019

Full-day workshop Introduction to Differential Item Functioning (DIF) analysis with R and ShinyItemAnalysis will be held at AEA-Europe conference in Lisabon on Nov 13, 2019. Registrations are open!

Feb 23 2019

Article ShinyItemAnalysis for Teaching Psychometrics and to Enforce Routine Analysis of Educational Tests has been published in The R Journal.

Dec 21 2018

International workshop on Psychometric Computing Psychoco 2019 will take place on February 21 - 22 in Prague, Czech Republic.

Oct 5 2018

Article Disparities in ratings of internal and external applicants: A case for model-based inter-rater reliability has been published in PLOS ONE.

June 1, 2017

Article Checking equity: Why DIF analysis should be a routine part of developing conceptual assessments by Martinkova et. al, has been published in CBE - Lifesciences Education.

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