Selected outputs

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  • Martinková, P., Hladká, A. (2023). Computational Aspects of Psychometric Methods: With R. Chapman and Hall/CRC. doi:10.1201/9781003054313

Selected papers

  • Hladká, A. & Martinková, P. & Magis, D. (2024). Combining item purification and multiple comparison adjustment methods in detection of differential item functioning. Multivariate Behavioral Research, 59(1), 46-61. doi:10.1080/00273171.2023.2205393
  • Martinková, P., Bartoš, F., & Brabec, M. (2023). Assessing inter-rater reliability with heterogeneous variance components models: Flexible approach accounting for contextual variables. Journal of Educational and Behavioral Statistics, 48(3), 349—383. doi:10.3102/10769986221150517. arXiv:2207.02071
  • Štěpánek, L., & Dlouhá, J., & Martinková, P. (2023). Item Difficulty Prediction Using Item Text Features: Comparison of Predictive Performance across Machine-Learning Algorithms. Mathematics, 11(9) doi:10.3390/math11194104
  • Holub, M. & Martinková, P. (2023). Supervised Machine Learning for Text Analysis in R, Journal of the American Statistical Association, 118(543), 2207-2209. doi:10.1080/01621459.2023.2231224
  • Kolek, L., Martinková, P., Vařejková, M., Šisler, V., & Brom, C. (2023). Is video games' effect on attitudes universal? Results from an empirical study comparing video games' impact on the attitude change of players with different backgrounds. Journal of Computer Assisted Learning. doi:10.1111/jcal.12911
  • Pérez, I., Vomlel, J. (2023). On Identifiability of BN2A Networks. In Bouraoui, Z.; Vesic, S. (Eds.): Symbolic and Quantitative Approaches to Reasoning with Uncertainty. ECSQARU 2023. Cham: Springer, 136-148. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence, 14294. ISBN 978-3-031-45607-7.
  • Hladká, A. & Martinková, P. & Brabec, M. (2023). Parameter estimation in generalised logistic model with application to DIF detection. arXiv. doi:10.48550/arXiv.2302.12648
  • Bartoš, F., & Martinková, P. (2023). Assessing quality of selection procedures: Lower bound of false positive rate as a function of inter-rater reliability. arXiv. doi:10.48550/arXiv.2207.09101
  • Řasová K, Martinková P, Vařejková M, et al. (2022). COMIRESTROKE—A clinical study protocol for monitoring clinical effect and molecular biological readouts of COMprehensive Intensive REhabilitation program after STROKE: A four-arm parallel-group randomized double blinded controlled trial with a longitudinal design. Frontiers in Neurology, 13. doi:10.3389/fneur.2022.954712
  • Bartoš, F., Aust, F. & Haaf, J.M. (2022). Robust Bayesian meta-analysis: Model-averaging across complementary publication bias adjustment methods. Research Synthesis Methods, doi: 10.1002/jrsm.1594
  • Bartoš, F., Maier, M., Wagenmakers, E.-J., Doucouliagos, H. & Stanley, T.D. (2021). Informed Bayesian survival analysis. BMC Medical Research Methodology, 22, 238. doi:10.1186/s12874-022-01676-9
  • Hrba, M., Maciak, M., Peštová, B., Pešta, M. (2022). Bootstrapping Not Independent and Not Identically Distributed Data. Mathematics. 10(24):4671. doi:10.3390/math10244671
  • Erosheva, E., Martinková, P., & Lee, C. J. (2021). When zero may not be zero: A cautionary note on the use of inter-rater reliability in evaluating grant peer review. Journal of the Royal Statistical Society — Series A, doi:10.1111/rssa.12681
  • Goldhaber D, Grout C, Wolff M, & Martinková P (2021). Evidence on the dimensionality and reliability of professional references' ratings of teacher applicants. Economics of Education Review, 83, 102130. doi:10.1016/j.econedurev.2021.102130
  • Kolek L, Šisler V, Martinková P, & Brom C. (2021). Can video games change attitudes towards history? Results from a laboratory experiment measuring short- and long-term effects. Journal of Computer Assisted Learning, 37(5), 1348—1369. doi:10.1111/jcal.12575
  • Hladká, A., & Martinková, P. (2020). difNLR: Generalized logistic regression models for DIF and DDF detection. The R Journal, 12(1), 300—323, doi:10.32614/RJ-2020-014
  • Martinková, P., Hladká, A., & Potužníková, E. (2020). Is academic tracking related to gains in learning competence? Using propensity score matching and differential item change functioning analysis for better understanding of tracking implications. Learning and Instruction, 66, 101286, doi:10.1016/j.learninstruc.2019.101286
  • Bartoš, F., Martinková, P., & Brabec, M. (2020). Testing heterogeneity in inter-rater reliability. In M. Wiberg, D. Molenaar, J. González, U. Böckenholt, & J.-S. Kim (Eds.), Quantitative psychology (pp. 347—364). Cham: Springer International Publishing, doi:10.1007/978-3-030-43469-4_26
  • Štěpánek, L., Martinková, P. (2020). Feasibility of computerized adaptive testing evaluated by Monte-Carlo and post-hoc simulations. In Proceedings of the 2020 Federated Conference on Computer Science and Information Systems (FedCSIS), pp. 359—367, 10.15439/2020F197
  • Martinková, P., Goldhaber, D., & Erosheva, E. (2018) Disparities in ratings of internal and external applicants: A case for model-based inter-rater reliability. PLoS ONE, 13(10), e0203002, doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0203002
  • Martinková, P., & Drabinová, A. (2018) ShinyItemAnalysis for teaching psychometrics and to enforce routine analysis of educational tests. The R Journal, 10(2), 503—515, doi:10.32614/RJ-2018-074
  • Martinková, P., & Drabinová, A., Liaw, Y.-L., Sanders, E. A., McFarland, J. L., & Price, R. M. (2017) Checking equity: Why DIF analysis should be a routine part of developing conceptual assessments. CBE—Life Sciences Education, 16(2), rm2, doi:10.1187/cbe.16-10-0307
  • Martinková, P., Drabinová, A., & Houdek, J. (2017) ShinyItemAnalysis: Analýza přijímacích a jiných znalostních či psychologických testů [ShinyItemAnalysis: Analyzing admission and other educational and psychological tests. In Czech.] TESTFÓRUM, 9, 16—35, doi:10.5817/TF2017-9-129
  • Martinková, P., Štěpánek, L., Drabinová, A., Houdek, J., Vejražka, M., & Štuka, Č. (2017) Semi-real-time analyses of item characteristics for medical school admission tests. In Federated Conference on Computer Science and Information Systems (FedCSIS) (pp. 189—194), doi:10.15439/2017F380
  • Drabinová, A., & Martinková, P. (2017) Detection of differential item functioning with non-linear regression: Non-IRT approach accounting for guessing. Journal of Educational Measurement, 54(4), 498—517, doi:10.1111/jedm.12158


Selected conference presentations

  • Martinková, P., Hladká, A. (2023). Computational aspects of modelling item responses. IMPS 2023, College Park, Maryland.
  • Bartoš, F., Martinková, P., Brabec, M. (2023). Bayesian location-scale model for assessing reliability differences with ordinal ratings. IMPS 2023, College Park, Maryland
  • Martinková, P., Netík, J. (2023). SIAmodules: Modules for ShinyItemAnalysis. Psychoco 2023, International Workshop on Psychometric Computing, June 8-9, 2023, Universität Zürich, Switzerland
  • Martinková, P. (2023). Generalized linear and nonlinear regression models for DIF detection in longitudinal designs with binary and polytomous responses. International Meeting on Detecting Differential Item Functioning in Polytomous IRT Models and/or Multiple Groups, invited talk. Zurich, 2023, Universität Zürich, Switzerland
  • Štěpánek, L., Dlouhá, J., Martinková, P. (2023). Machine-learning prediction of test item difficulty using item text wordings: Comparison of algorithms’ and domain experts’ predictive performance. 10th European Congress of Methodology (EAM 2023), July 11-13, Ghent University, Belgium.
  • Martinková, P., Pavlech, J. (2023). Measurement invariance in factor analytic and item response theory framework. 10th European Congress of Methodology (EAM 2023), July 11-13, Ghent University, Belgium.
  • Martinková, P., Hladká, A. (2023). Modeling item responses under different frameworks. 10th European Congress of Methodology (EAM 2023), July 11-13, Ghent University, Belgium.
  • Netík, J., Martinková, P. (2023). Enhancing Psychometrics with Interactive ShinyItemAnalysis Modules. 10th European Congress of Methodology (EAM 2023), July 11-13, Ghent University, Belgium.
  • Vařejková, M., Martinková, P., Potužníková, E. (2023). A simulation study of repeated covariate equating. 10th European Congress of Methodology (EAM 2023), July 11-13, Ghent University, Belgium.
  • Martinková, P., Vařejková, M., Potužníková, E. (2023). Obtaining comparable scores from multiple test forms in case of non-equivalent groups via repeated covariate equating. FREMO 2023, Oslo, Norway
  • Martinková, P., Bartoš, F., & Brabec, M. (2022) Computational aspects of reliability estimation, IMPS 2022 Spotlight talk
  • Štěpánek, L., Dlouhá, J., & Martinková, P. (2022) Machine-learning methods for item difficulty prediction using item text features, IMPS 2022
  • Dlouhá, J., Štěpánek, L., & Martinková, P. (2022) Item difficulty prediction using computational psychometrics and linguistic algorithms, IMPS 2022
  • Netík, J., & Martinková, P. (2022) Revisiting parametrizations for the nominal response model, IMPS 2022
  • Martinková, P. (2021). Computational aspects of psychometrics taught with R and Shiny, useR!2021
  • Martinková, P., Bartoš, F., Brabec, M. (2021). Inter-rater reliability in complex situations, IMPS 2021
  • Hladká, A. Martinková, P., Brabec, M. (2021). Estimation in generalized logistic regression models for DIF detection, IMPS 2021
  • Martinková, P. (2021). Does a zero inter-rater reliability mean grant peer review is arbitrary? Metascience 2021