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Ústav informatiky AV ČR, v.v.i.
Pod Vodárenskou věží 271/2
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Library of ICS

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Library Policy

The library of the Institute of Computer Science is registered at the Ministry of Culture as a basic library with a specialized collection.

ATTENTION: The Library of ICS is CLOSED for PUBLIC, since 13. 3. 2020 until revocation. This is based on the decision of Czech Government because of spread of the Coronavirus. You can contact us via e-mail: knihovna@cs.cas.cz. Thank you very much for your understanding.

28. 4. 2020: The library still provides the Interlibrary loan services. In such case, please contact us via e-mail: knihovna@cs.cas.cz.


We will inform you about sources and services that you can use via remote access.

1.7.2020: JoVE Core Social Psychology – free access to videos focusing on interactive teaching of the basics of social psychology. Access is available until 31.12.2020.

9.6.2020: Cambridge University Press has provided access to selected chapters of the latest books in the London Mathematical Society Series.

3.4.2020: Free access to book chapters, journal articles and other research resources related to COVID-19 (Coronavirus): Cambridge, Clarivate, EBSCO: Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Healthcare Resource Center, EBSCO: COVID-19 Updates and Information, EBSCO: DynaMed COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus), Elsevier, Emerald, IOP Publishing, OVID, Oxford Academic, ProQuest, Royal Society Publishing, SAGE, SIAM, Science Journal, Springer Nature, Taylor and Francis, Wiley.

1.4.2020: The Moravian Library has launched the portal #KnihovnyPROTIviru, which aims to provide easier access for searching electronic resources available remotely. The site offers an overview of literature for adults, students, parents and children who do not have access to classic books at this time. It offers for example: professional literature for work, for leisure reading, e-resources for study or writing theses, school compulsory reading.

27.3.2020: On the ProQuest Ebook Central platform it is possible to access the collection of e-books for registered users of the Czech Academy of Sciences. Part of the collection is already purchased and is available. Users can download PDF or EPUB, print and copy without restrictions. Books have no limit on the number of concurrent users and are DRM-free. In addition, it is possible for library users to suggest a purchase of any of the 221 000 electronic books (if interested in purchase, write to knihovna@cs.cas.cz).