Igor Sedlár

About me

Hi! I'm a logician based at the Czech Academy of Sciences in Prague, Czech Republic. I am affiliated with the Institute of Computer Science CAS, where I am a (tenured) researcher at the Department of Theoretical Computer Science working within the LogICS group. I am also affiliated with the Institute of Philosophy of the CAS, where I hold a part-time position at the Department of Logic. I am a proud member of the Logician's Liberation League.

Here's my CV.

My work

I work mainly on modal and non-classical logic. I'm currently interested in non-classical modal logics, especially dynamic logics based on non-classical propositional logics.

I am currently the principal investigator of the project GRADLACT: Graded Logics of Action, funded by the Czech Science Foundation. The project aims at studying graded (weigted, many-valued) versions of some logics of action, focusing mostly on versions of Propositional Dynamic Logic. The project will run during 2022-2024.

Recently I completed, as a principal investigator, the NOCLID project, funded by the Czech Science Foundation (January 2018 - June 2021). The project focused on applications of non-classical logics in modelling inforation dynamics.

I organise the Seminar on Applied Mathematical Logic at the ICS and I co-organise the LOGICA conference series. Links to other events organized in Prague and the Czech Republic (many by the ICS logic group) can be found here.


The full list of my publications is here.


Recently taught courses:

  • Dynamic Logic. Charles University in Prague (Fall 2021).
  • Non-classical models of reasoning. Charles University in Prague (Spring 2020). Co-taught with M. Bílková, P. Cintula and A. Tedder.
  • Mathematical Logic, Czech Technical University (Fall 2018)
  • Logic in Computer Science, Czech Technical University (Spring 2018, Spring 2020). Co-taught with C. Noguera.


Dr. Igor Sedlár
Institute of Computer Science
The Czech Academy of Sciences
Pod Vodárenskou věží 271/2
182 07 Prague 8, The Czech Republic