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Selected Papers:
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[1] Martinková P, Drabinová A, Leder O., Houdek J. (2019) ShinyItemAnalysis: Test and Item Analysis via Shiny (online application). ShinyItemAnalysis R package version 1.3.0. For more information see
[2] Drabinová A, Martinková P, Zvára K. (2018) difNLR: Detection of differential item functioning (DIF) and differential distractor functioning (DDF) by non-linear regression models. R package version 1.2.2.

[1] Štuka Č, Martinková P, Vejražka M, Trnka J, Komenda M. Testování při výuce medicíny. Konstrukce a analýza testů na lékařských fakultách. (Student Assessment in Medical Education: Construction and Analysis of Tests at Medical Schools. In Czech.) 156 pp. Praha: Karolinum, 2013. ISBN 9788024623696. Online version.

Selected Presentations:
[1] Teaching psychometrics and analysing educational tests with ShinyItemAnalysis Presented at useR!2017, Brussels, Belgium.
[2] Aktivní zapojování studentů do výuky statistiky a psychometrie.[in Czech] Presented at STAKAN, 2015, Solan, Czech Republic.
[3] Researching Reliability Estimates in the Context of Czech Admission Tests. Presented (with modifications) as a part of OLF travel award at:
BEAR Seminar, UC Berkeley, Feb 11, 2014 (host Karen Draney),
UC Merced, Feb 12, 2014 (host William Shadish),
CRESST UCLA, Feb 19, 2014 (host Li Cai).
[4] Martinková P, Turčičová M. Generalized Reliability Used for the Comparison of Reliability Estimates in Tests with Binary Items. Poster presented at IMPS 2013, Arnhem, Netherlands. Best poster award. Selected R code.
[5] Martinková P, Šedová M, Řasová K. Reliability of clinical functioning measures in patients with multiple sclerosis. Presented at ISCB 2009, Prague, Czech Republic.

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