Selected publications

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Martinková, P., Hladká, A., & Netík, J. (2023). ShinyItemAnalysis: Test and item analysis via shiny. R package version 1.5.0.,

Selected presentations

Hladká, A. (2023). DIF detection by comparing item response curves. Invited talk in Seminar in Psychometrics, Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic.

Hladká, A., Martinková, P., & Brabec, M. (2021). Estimation in generalized logistic regression models for DIF detection. Presented at IMPS 2021.

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Drabinová, A., & Martinková, P. (2018). Detection of differential item functioning with difNLR package. Presented at IMPS 2018, Columbia University, New York City, USA

Drabinová, A. (2017) difNLR: Detection of potentional gender/minority bias with extensions of logistic regression. Presented at useR!2017, Brussels, Belgium.

Drabinová, A., & Martinková, P. (2017). Item purification versus adjustements for multiple comparisons in DIF detection. Poster presented at IMPS 2017, Zurich, Switzerland.

Drabinová, A., & Martinková, P. (2016). Detection of differential item functioning based on non-linear regression. Presented at Robust conference, Sporthotel Kurzovní (Jeseníky). Received Second student prize.

Drabinová, A., & Martinková, P. (2016). Detection of differential item functioning based on non-linear regression. Poster presented at IMPS 2016, Asheville, North Carolina, USA. Received Travel award.