NMST570 - Selected topics in psychometrics

(Vybraná témata z psychometrie)

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Course description in ENG and CZE


Lecture: Tuesday, 3:40-4:30pm, K11
Lab session: Tuesday, 4:30-5:10pm, K11

Course materials

Lesson 1 (2.10.2018) Slides        HW assignment (deadline 8.10.2018 23:59) Data Sample R script
Lesson 2 (9.10.2018) Slides HW assignment (deadline 15.10.2018 23:59) Data        R script
Lesson 3 (16.10.2018) Slides HW assignment (deadline 22.10.2018 23:59) Data       

Requirements to get a course credit

The credit for the exercise class will be awarded to the student who is present at the exercise class sessions (two absences are tolerated) and hands in a satisfactory solution (at least 60% of points) to each homework (10 assignments in total) by the prescribed deadline. In case of more than two absences, student needs to excuse in advance and he/she will receive extra work. Homework will be assigned during lab sessions and deadline to hand in homework will be one week after.