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Travel Information

Chartered buses from Prag to Pilsen and back

A special conference bus from Prague to Pilsen will leave on Sunday, September 6, 2015, at 17:30 (5:30 p.m.) from the place located near the building of Faculty of Mathematics and Physics. The return bus will be organized for participants travelling from Pilsen to Prague on Thursday afternoon (September 10) with the departure time right after lunch at 13:30. The return bus will arrive at the metro terminal ZLICIN (line B - the yellow line) at around 14:30. The detailed information will be announced during the meeting.
The transportation from Prague to Pilsen and back is a part of the workshop service. The building of the faculty will be open from 8:00 a.m. There will be a guarded room to leave your luggage in case you arrive early and want to have a walk in the neighbourhood. You can also have some coffee, tea and cakes, so you can relax in the faculty building, meet the organizers and ask questions. Inside the building there will be signs indicating the way.
Important places:
  • Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University, Sokolovska 83, Praha 8 - Karlin: [Google Maps], GPS: 505'38.307"N, 1427'1.948"E
  • The place where the bus leaves: [Google Maps], GPS: 505'40.031"N, 1427'3.715"E

The building of Faculty of Mathematics and Physics is located approximately 150 meters from the metro station KRIZIKOVA (line "B", or the "yellow line" of the Prague metro system):

Using the Prague public transport

The fare of public transport is 32 Czech Crowns. The fare for a piece of luggage is 16 CZK. Free transport applies to luggage up to and including 25x45x70 cm, flat luggage up to and including 100x100x5 cm, tube-shaped luggage up to and including 150 cm in length and 20 cm in diameter, or a shopping bag on wheels. The ticket could be bought before entering the bus (tram, metro) at the newspaper places, automats, etc. or eventually you can buy it from the driver at a higher price. The ticket must be validated upon the entrence to the bus/tram/metro. Then it is valid for 90 minutes, independently of the number of transfers.

To get to the Faculty building from the airport you can take e.g. bus No. 100 from the airport to the metro terminal ZLICIN, (line B - the yellow line), and go directly to the station KRIZIKOVA, lying on line B. This trip will last about 15 min (bus) + 30 min (metro).

To get to the faculty building from the railway station Hlavni nadrazi or Holesovice you can take the metro (line C - the red line), and go to the station FLORENC where you change line (from C to B) and continue to the station KRIZIKOVA, lying on line B.

On the way back, the bus will stop at the metro terminal ZLICIN (line B - the yellow line). To get to the airport you can then take bus No. 100 (the bus operates every 15 minutes, and it reaches the airport in 15 minutes).

[Online schedules] [Prague public transport]

Individual arrival by car

The meeting will be held at the conference centre of the hotel Angelo which is located near the Pilsner Urquell Brewery, GPS 4944'45.136"N 1323'13.229"E. There is a parking place next to the hotel, the charge is 100 CZK per day. To plan your trip, please use, e.g., google maps.