Webpage of project Estimation of psychometric measures as part of admission test development funded by Czech Science Foundation during years 2015-2017. Project explores statistical and psychometric tools for analysis and improvement of admission process.

Item and Test Analysis with Shiny
- Version 1.2.3 of ShinyItemAnalysis - application for Item and Test Analysis is now available here.
- Version 1.2.3 of ShinyItemAnalysis R package is available on CRAN.
- Czech article on ShinyItemAnalysis has been published in Testforum.
- English article on Semi-real time analysis of admission tests has been presented at FedCSIS.
- ShinyItemAnalysis has been presented at useR!2017 in Brussels, see the video HERE.

Development and Validation of tests
- Methods paper on DIF analysis in test development has been published in CBE-LSE.
- Article on development and validation of HCI has been published in CBE-LSE.

Detection of Differential Item Functioning with Non-Linear Regression
- Version 1.1.1 of difNLR R package is available on CRAN.
- Article on difNLR is in press in Journal of Educational Measurement.
- Older working paper is available here.
- Adela Drabinova was awarded Travel Award to present difNLR at IMPS2016, see the poster.

Reliability and Validity in Complex Settings
- Working paper on estimation of interrater reliability (IRR) in complex settings in teacher hiring.

Seminar in Psychometrics
- Seminar NMST570 Selected topics in Psychometrics is taught at Charles University.

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