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Last update: 18.2.2013


Talks in 2011

11.1.2011, A simple numerical method for complex geometrical optics solutions to the conductivity equation
Kui Du (Institute of Mathematics, Aalto University, Finland).
8.2.2011 , Zdanlive nehermitovske matice v kvantove mechanice
Miloslav Znojil (Ustav jaderne fyziky AV CR).
22.2.2011 , Classes of H-matrices and their Schur complements
Jose Mas Mari (Institut de Matematica Multidisciplinar, Universitat Politecnica de Valencia).
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11.3.2011 (Friday), Parallel estimation of preconditioned IDR(s)-based residual reduction method
Seiji Fujino (Research Institute for Information Technology, Kyushu University).
22.3.2011, Paralelni implementace singularniho rozkladu
Petr Kotas (Fakulta elektrotechniky a informatiky, Vysoka skola banska - Technicka univerzita Ostrava).
7.4.2011 (Thursday), Preconditioners for regularized saddle point operators with an application
Owe Axelsson (Department of Information Technology, Uppsala University and Institute of Geonics, AS CR, Ostrava).
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19.4.2011 , A nonsmooth algorithm for cone-constrained eigenvalue problems
Samir Adly (University of Limoges).
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31.5.2011 , The computation of an approximate greatest common divisor of inexact Bernstein polynomials
Joab Winkler (Department of Computer Science, University of Sheffield).
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7.6.2011 , A Tribute to Miroslav Fiedler on His 85th Birthday
Frank J. Hall (Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Georgia State University, Atlanta).
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6.9.2011, A Jacobi-Davidson method for two real parameter nonlinear eigenvalue problems arising from delay differential equations
Heinrich Voss (Institute of Numerical Simulation, Hamburg University of Technology).
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22.11.2011, Analysis of spatio-temporal FRAP images: revealing of photosynthetic protein dynamics in vivo
Stepan Papacek, Ctirad Matonoha (Ustav fyzikalni biologie Jihoceska univerzita, UI AV CR).
6.12.2011, On the convergence of iterative solution algorithms for linear least squares problems
David Titley-Peloquin (Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford).
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