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Last update: 11.3.2015


Submitted publications

J. Duintjer Tebbens and G. Meurant, On the convergence of Q-OR and Q-MR Krylov methods for solving nonsymmetric linear systems, submitted to BIT, in March 2015.
Z.Z. Bai and M. Rozloznik, On numerical behavior of matrix splitting iteration methods, submitted to SINUM, in September 2014.
M. Rozloznik, F. Okulicka-Dluzewska and A. Smoktunowicz, Cholesky-like factorization of symmetric indefinite matrices and orthogonalization with respect to bilinear forms, submitted to SIMAX, in July 2014.
I. Hnetynkova, M. Plesinger, Z. Strakos, Band generalization of the Golub--Kahan bidiagonalization, generalized Jacobi matrices, and the core problem, submitted SIMAX, SIAM Journal on Matrix Analysis and Applications, May 2014.