RNDr. Věra Kůrková, DrSc.

First, Psyche was ordered to sort out before nightfall a vast heap of mixed grains (wheat, barley, and the like). In this endeavor an ant came to her rescue and summoned his army to isolate each different grain.

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Institute of Computer Science phone: +420 266 053 231
Czech Academy of Sciences fax: +420 286 585 789
Pod Vodárenskou věží 2, 182 07 Prague 8 e-mail: vera at cs dot cas dot cz
Czech Republic www: http://www.cs.cas.cz/~vera/
Research interests:
    - mathematical theory of neural networks
    - mathematical theory of learning
    - nonlinear approximation theory

associate editor of
Neural Networks (Elsevier) and
Neural Processing Letters (Springer)

president of the ENNS
(European Neural Network Society)

general chair of conferences
ICANN 2008 and ICANNGA 2001
co-chair of conferences
ICANN 2017 and ICANN 2018
honorary chair of ICANN 2019  
Selected publications:
    - in journals
    - chapters and articles in books