Additional resources for the CRAN package readMLData

This folder contains files, which are needed for the use of some benchmark machine learning data from UCI Machine Learning Repository using readMLData within The R Project for Statistical Computing. In order to use the data, perform the following steps.
  1. Install CRAN packages XML and readMLData into your installation of R.
  2. Unpack UCI_ML_DataDescription-0-9.tar.gz and UCI_ML_DataFolders-download-scripts-5.tar.gz. at any directory in your computer.
  3. Update the paths in test_script.R and download_script.R to the actual placement of UCI_ML_DataDescription and UCI_ML_DataFolders in your computer.
  4. Use an appropriate modification of the script download_script.R to download selected data sets from UCI Machine Learning Repository. Note that the script uses "wget" command line tool, which should be available or replaced by another command. Some of the data sets require further steps to be used. Follow the instructions in UCI_ML_DataFolders/README, which describe also these additional steps.
  5. Run test_script.R. The output should contain for each included data set

Further links

Wget for Windows