function Y=plusminusoneset(n)
%    PLUSMINUSONESET   Matrix of plus/minus-one vectors.
%    Y=plusminusoneset(n) produces a 2^n-by-n matrix Y whose rows are
%    all plus/minus-one vectors in R^n, with each two adjacent
%    rows of Y differing in exactly one entry.
%    COMMENT. This algorithm is employed as a subroutine in full search algorithms
%    that require to perform some operation for all plus/minus-one vectors.

%    Copyright J. Rohn, 2005.
%    Based on the algorithm "ynset" in
%    J. Rohn, A handbook of results on interval linear problems,
%    posted at
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%    law. Except when otherwise stated in writing the copyright holder
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%    or correction.
while any(z~=ones(1,n))
    Y=[Y; y];