Top Verification of             Complex Systems Constraint Solving

Thesis Topics: Constraint Solving

We are developing software, theory, and algorithms that can solve mathematical constraints consisting of non-linear equalities and inequalities, conjunctions, disjunctions, and logical quantifiers (, ).

For example, we produce as the solution of the constraint x2+y2-1 <= 0 /\ 2y <= x2 :

We apply the constraint solving technology in several areas (e.g., verification of complex systems, computation of Lyapunov functions)

We offer a large range of thesis topic in the area for students with a background in computer science, control, or mathematics. According to the interest and background of the student the thesis can be done in an application-oriented context (e.g., concrete application studies), in a more theoretical/mathematical direction, or in the direction of software-development.

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Below are examples of possible thesis topics. Many more topics can be agreed upon in individual consultation.

Top Verification of Complex Systems Constraint Solving