Project GAMMA
Natural Gas Consumption Modeling: Customers Without Course Measurement
Mathematical model GAMMA estimates natural gas consumption of individual small commercial and residential customers. It forms the core of a process that computes the unbilled revenues, so called virtual invoicing process... more
Project MEDARD
MEDARD is a regional weather prediction system for operational weather forecast and forecasts of concentrations of important pollutants, especially tropospheric ozone ...
Project ELVIRA
Natural Gas Consumption Forecasting
There is no need to emphasize strongly the economical aspect of gas consumption forecasting in the current conditions of gas market deregulation. Even a small improvement of a forecasting error can bring significant economic savings... more

Project NORA

Indicator of lightning activity; Network outage occurred, caused by strong wind; Network outage occurred, caused by strong icing ...
Information Society

  • Project number 1ET400300513
         Mathematical Modelling of Natural Gas Consumption for Small and Middle Clients.
  • Project number 1ET400300414
         Mathematical modelling of air quality with applications in management of emergencies.
  • Project BRACCIA

  • BRACCIA (Brain, Respiration and Cardiac Causalities in Anaesthesia)
         The aim of the BRACCIA project is to reduce the fraction of people who experience pain
         during surgical procedures carried out in full (as opposed to local) anaesthesia.