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From Nonlinearity to Causality:
Statistical testing and inference of physical mechanisms underlying complex dynamics

Milan Palus
Institute of Computer Science, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic
Pod vodárenskou vezí 2, 182 07 Prague 8, Czech Republic


Principles and applications of statistical testing as a tool for inference of underlying mechanisms from experimental time series are discussed. The computational realizations of the test null hypothesis known as the surrogate data are introduced within the context of discerning nonlinear dynamics from noise, and discussed in examples of testing for nonlinearity in atmospheric dynamics, solar cycle and brain signals. The concept is further generalized for detection of directional interactions, or causality in bivariate time series.

Contemporary Physics 48(6) (2007) 307 - 348 -- doi:10.1080/00107510801959206

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Milan Palus 2008