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Last update: 4.11.2013


Sunday, November 24, 2013
18.00-22.00 Registration
18.45-20.30 Dinner
21.00-21.15 Opening: J. Málek, Z. Strakoš

Monday, November 25, 2013
08.30-10.20 Chair: J. Málek 
08.30-09.20 V. Průša  On implicit constitutive relations in continuum mechanics and thermodynamics
09.30-09.55 J. Hron  Computational results for flows of implicitly constituted fluids
09.55-10.20 K. Tůma  On applications and computational results for a newly developed thermodynamically compatible viscoelastic model
10.20-10.50 Coffee – Tea
10.50-12.35 Chair: Z. Strakoš 
10.50-11.40 M. Bulíček  Mathematical analysis of models describing the motion of implicitly constitued materials
11.45-12.10 M. Vohralík  Mixed finite element methods: reduction to one unknown per element
12.10-12.35 I. Pultarová  Gene computation using algebraic multigrid
12.35-14.00 Lunch
14.00-15.50 Chair:  E. Feireisl 
14.00-14.50 F. Otto  A quantitative theory in stochastic homogenization
15.00-15.25 P. Bella Identification of the optimal scaling law for the ground state energy of uniaxially compressed thin film
15.25-15.50 D. Gerard-Varet Connection between roughness and drag reduction for laminar flows
15.50-16.20 Coffee – Tea
16.20-17.40 Chair: M. Gander
16.20-17.10 A. Klawonn  Nonlinear and robust FETI-DP domain decomposition methods
17.15-17.40 P. Jiránek  A general software framework for parallel algebraic multigrid methods
17.40-18.05 M. Tůma  Condition number estimation in the Euclidean norm
18.30-19.50 Dinner
20.00-20.25 Chair: F. Otto
20.00-20.25 J. Frehse  Multiplier analysis for the Prandtl Reuss law

Tuesday, November 26, 2013
08.30-10.20 Chair:  R. Rannacher
08.30-09.20 E. Feireisl  On the well-posedness problems for complete fluid systems 
09.30-09.55 G. Starke  First-order system approaches to hyperelastic deformation models
09.55-10.20 M. Gander Time domain decomposition methods
10.20-10.50 Coffee – Tea
10.50-12.35 Chair:  J. Liesen
10.50-11.40 D. Silvester  A posteriori error estimation for stochastic Galerkin approximation
11.45-12.10 G. Meurant  On the convergence of QOR and QMR Krylov methods for solving linear systems
12.10-12.35 M. Rozložník  Numerical behavior of inexact iterative solvers
12.35-14.00 Lunch
14.00-15.00 Walk in park, open discussion
15.00-15.50 Chair:  D. Gerard-Varet
15.00-15.25 A.  Swierczewska-Gwiazda  Implicit  relations in fluid mechanics and in abstract parabolic problems 
15.25-15.50 L. Diening  BMO-estimates for the p-Laplacian and p-fluids
15.50-16.20 Coffee – Tea
  Chair: M. Vohralík
16.20-16.45 M. Surnachev  Nonlinear parabolic equations degenerating on a part of the domain
16.45-17.05 P. Mucha  Structure/regularity of solutions to sudden directional diffusion systems
17.05-18.15 Poster session short introductions
M. Čapek   Blood flow modelling
T. Gergelits   Tracking the trajectory in finite precision CG computations
A. Janečka   Stability of flows of incompressible stress power-law fluids
V. Kulvait   Computer analysis and simulation of strain limiting models with linearized strain
P. Minakowski   Fluid model of crystal plasticity
B. Müller   Mixed Least Squares Finite Element Methods for Hyperelastic Materials
J. Papež   Spatial distribution of errors in numerical solution of PDEs
M. Řehoř   Flows driven by a quasi-incompressible Cahn-Hilliard-Navier-Stokes type model
V. Vialov   On Kelvin-Voigt viscoelastic solid model with an implicit constitutive relation for the viscous part
J. Žabenský   Qualitative analysis for a generalization of the Darcy-Forchheimer equations given as an implicit relation between the drag force and the velocity varying with the pressure
18.30-19.50 Dinner
20.00-21.00 Poster session

Wednesday, November 27, 2013
08.30-10.20 Chair: D. Silvester
08.30-09.20 P. Bastian Efficient numerical computation of two-phase flow in porous media
09.30-09.55  D. Bothe  Continuum thermodynamics of chemically reacting multicomponent fluid systems
09.55-10.20  M. Heida  Non-periodic homogenization of plasticity equations
10.20-10.50 Coffee – Tea
10.50-12.05 Chair:  A. Klawonn
10.50-11.15 O. Souček  On a compressible extension of two-phase model of water transport in partially-molten ice
11.15-11.40 G. Tierra  On second order in time numerical schemes for the Cahn-Hilliard equation
11.40-12.05 Open discussion
12.15-13.30 Lunch
13.30 Bus departure for Prague